Dedicated servers for 1C

Renting a server for 1C is a universal opportunity to organize corporate activities within your company with the possibility of administration at all levels. 1C is a widespread platform designed specifically for accounting and other accounting work in enterprises, offices, and in General any work teams. In turn, to buy a 1C server means to get a powerful high-performance set of equipment optimized for the specified SOFTWARE. Today, so-called dedicated servers for 1C are popular.

unlike the latter, virtual servers for 1C are characterized by increased security and the presence of a backup function. That is, in the event of a failure of the media, a copy of all files is stored in another storage. At the same time, leased servers for 1C have their advantages:

  • Reliability due to the presence of a separate physical machine;
  • Absolute confidentiality of information;
  • High performance and traffic speed;
  • Ability to work not only from different locations, but also from any devices;
  • No need to "share" the resource with other users.

one of the main positive aspects of the lease is the price, as there is no need to purchase expensive equipment and install it, regular updates are also included in the rental price.

on the AHOST website, YOU can find current offers and rent the most suitable server option or get a free consultation. This is a great offer for any type of activity!