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SSL certificate

An SSL certificate can be compared to a site's unique digital signature. It is with the help of this tool that reliable and secure data transfer in the virtual space between the user's browser and the server on which the resource is located is ensured.

An SSL certificate is a virtual document that contains information about the site and its owner. First of all, such a tool is necessary for all organizations that work with payment systems and personal data of users.

An SSL certificate is a guarantee:
• The identity of the resource to which the user has moved or plans to move. Green lock in the address bar of the site increases the level of trust of visitors to it;
• Reliability and safety of the transmitted information. Users of the site and its owners can not worry that at the time of transfer from the server to the browser and back data will be changed or lost;
• High level of privacy-the use of 256-bit encryption eliminates unauthorized access by third parties to personal data or transactions.

The SSL certificate contains the following information:
1.Full information about the owner of the domain name;
2.Country and city of registration of the website owner;
3.Validity of the security certificate
4.Information about the certification authority that issued the virtual document.